Marek Walaszekis a sound engineer with over 14 years of experience in recording studio and over 6 years of experience in teaching and running workshops on pro audio events, audio institutes, conventions and universities.

Marek had a pleasure to give lectures at 132 AES Budapest (where he have been also a Judge in two categories of a sound engineery contest), Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, SWAM Institute, Graz Technical University (AES), AGH University of Science and Technology (AES). I gave also Lectures on many events and festivals as: Tauron nowa muzyka, Soundedit and Music Media.

Marek Walaszek offers pro audio workshops for aspiring and semi pro engineers about mixing.
Workshops can be run in several different concepts, all based different conditions:
Interactive workshops, where students have their own D.A.W.s and follow my lead, working on provided audio files, exploring different audio editing and mixing techniques.
“Live Mixes”, where he mixes songs in front of the public with comprehensive commentary, and give editing and mixing tips.
Lectures about particular mixing and editing techniques with wide range of sound examples.
Besides the main part he always do an extensive Q&A during after the lecture.

Marek moves around freely in the analogue as well as digital world and it’s easy for him to fit in the particular need of my listeners and provide them answers to their questions.


AES recommendations:

Marek Walaszek, a noted and accomplished audio producer and mix engineer from Poland who is also a university teacher in sound engineering conducted two workshops that were well received by the students in attendance. A four hour workshop on the subject of Mixing covered logistics of the mix, preparing
the mix, external factors, general view of the production, track editing, equalization and compression techniques, spatial effects and master effects. Another three hour Analog Mix workshop featured the topics of routing analog effects in a DAW and analog effects as external gear in
digital mixing. We are most grateful to Mr. Walaszek for participating in this important educational event.
John Krivit
Chairman, Education Committee
Audio Engineering Society

The AES Student Section Graz has had the distinct pleasure of having Mr. Walaszek as a guest lecturer and co-organizer in one of our most successful student workshops. Mr. Walaszek has demonstrated outstanding skills and maintained a clear sense of purpose. The academics at our institution, the University of Technology in Graz are most challenging, and Mr. Walaszek fulfilled all the expectations as an outstanding audio professional. His knowledge and attention to detail astonished all attendees, whilst the organizers of the event, the officers of the AES Student Section Graz, had a wonderful pleasure coordinating the workshop through clear, open communication and interest on the behalf of Mr. Walaszek. He is a person that demonstrates a thorough professional approach, is easy to work with and is willing to take time to respond to questions. I feel confident in recommending Mr. Walaszek’s services as audio professional and lecturer.
Christian Komp
Chairrman, AES Student Section Graz

Marek Walaszek - education
Marek Walaszek - education
Marek Walaszek - education

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MarekWalaszek – Educational Offer