One of the unique services offered by our company is Mix Online.

Our service is addressed to the production groups, agencies, and musicians.



Pro-Mixes.com gives you the ability to send songs and soundtracks via Internet, or on another medium (CD, DVD, FTP, USB keys) that are mixed by us, and undergo the mastering process. The final material is sent via Internet, or other selected media.

We offer professional mixing for Record Labels, independent artists and advertising agencies.

Every single project that we work on is our business card and this guarantees that we can provide you the highest possible quality.

You can simply send us your music, movies and reference text files and receive mixed versions. We are also keeping all client materials in our archive for at least 1 year in case we would need any recalls. If you want to change anything after the mix is done, we can easily recall your session and provide necessary edits anytime.

Although our studio is not a strict mastering facility, many of our clients use our mixes as a final stage of the production. On request you can receive a mastering ready and a radio ready mix, which has been already mastered by our sound engineer.