Music Production

Marek “Maro” Walaszek – is a skilled and schooled producer with an extraordinary talent for translating ideas and visions quickly and creatively into phenomenal music.
Along the way Maro has worked with a wide range of productions, mixes and recording sesions that included major artists.

Maro draws upon a deep well of knowledge of music production and sound engineering while relying upon keen intuitions refined over his 14 years in the music industry.
Because of his vast experience, open mind, and broad professional repertoire he can intuitively grasp suggestions and concepts and convert them into real music with exceptional speed, fluidity, and insight.

Rather than limit himself to one artistic arena, Maro collaborates with artists from a diversity of genres including hip hop, nu pop, dance, electronica, house and folk. His music production skills have been used not just for albums but also for live performances, film soundtracks, commercials, and websites. And he collaborates with artists from Angola to Sweden and from the Middle East to Jamaica, thanks to online production.

Maro comes from a family of unusually eclectic musicians. His father was a DJ, his uncle was a member of the jazz group (Chopin Novi Singers), and his cousin sings opera. Maro began his own career around age of 14.
Soon he was arranging, mixing, composing, recording, producing, and accepting gigs as a sound engineer. He earned a university degree in sound engineering, and began researching his Master’s thesis on acoustics.

On every day basis Maro works in his own studio FORT11 where he produces and mixes.
As a sound engineer he works with most of his clients onlie via his mixing portal