Your Studio

Your Studio is a fresh concept inspired by needs of todays music producers and sound engineers that work at their homes or on the road and would like form time to time settle down in a acoustic friendly environment to finish their projects. The studio offer everything you need besides what you already have. This cost effective idea makes you work more freely in a professional environment. You can finish your own projects or invite your clients if you are not fancy hosting them in your project studio which many times might mean your own home. Just rent it by the hour, hour block or a day, grab your laptop with you, hook it up and you’re ready to work.

Your Studio is situated in Warsaw in one of the most prestigious post production buildings in Poland, ATM Studio. It’s a part of Addicted To Music studio complex.

What’s in Your Studio?

-Perfectly acoustic treated environment – no foams on the walls, the room was build form scratch, designed and resumed by top class specialists. Each of the doors to the room weigh over 100kg each, so you can isolate form the outside and concentrate on your work.

-Powerful full range monitors – Event Sp8

-Big screen LED TV -with HDMI inputs to connect with your D.A.W. for that ease of work.

-Ergonomic desk and a side desk

-2 Chairs and a sofa

-Tons of cables you might need

-A nice mic selection if you would need to record anything

-Optional the room is connected with a big mic booth (8sqm) (available only with long term rents).

How much does it cost?

1 Hour – 12 Euro (50PLN)

4 Hours – 36 Euro (150PLN)

8 Hours – 65 Euro (260PLN)

Need more time? Just ask us for a deal.

What’s else in the building?

-2 Restaurants

-1 Kiosk

-TV Studios

-Green Screen

-on line editing fancily

-Color grading

-Green rooms

-Hotel rooms

-…even a Massage studio

What’s near by?

-Few restaurants